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What happens when you’re the child of two travel addicts? You end up travelling the world and soaking in its many splendours from a very young age. That’s what Finley does...who was born in 2015 and has been jetting around the globe along with his parents. Now, the three-year-old toddler is all set to embark on his biggest adventure ever, a trip to the Far East and Australasia. Check him out on Free As A Boy on TraveLibro.   

1. A brief about Finley and his family...

Finley was born in 2015 and has been exploring with his parents ever since. It’s fair to say his parents are travel addicts; having met in school, they have been jetting away at every opportunity, throughout their adult lives together. They intended to ‘settle down’ once Finley arrived, but soon realised that their appetite for travel became even more insatiable; and, they became determined to show Finley as much of the world as possible. 

Finley’s mum has moulded her career around the travel industry and has accomplished many career highlights including being editor of a destination magazine in Portugal and more recently, a travel columnist, blogger and lifestyle reporter for publications and travel websites in the UK, which is where they are based most of the time. Rising to become a Creative Director, she realised that whilst trying hard to fit in the mould of the 9-5, they were sacrificing their travel ambitions and felt that they were both working relentlessly at the expense of their quality of life as a family.

Now Finley is three years old and the family are preparing for their biggest adventure yet...a six-month trip across the Far East and Australasia. They are feeling energised about setting themselves free from the rat-race and are excited to spend much more time together as a family whilst they embark on a new journey of discovery.

2. Tell us about Finley’s first trip

Fin’s first significant adventure was a six-month trip through Spain and Portugal, before his first birthday. This included two cross-Europe road trips in their VW Campervan. It involved travelling the length of the Portuguese coastline and across the north-western coast of Spain, visiting hundreds of beaches and villages dotted along the coast.

Check-out Finley’s first trip on TraveLibro.

3. Could you tell us more about your project ‘Free As A Boy’

Free As A Boy is a family project to build a legacy of their escapades as a family, documenting the fun and adventures of global travel, through the eyes of a child. 

With the advantage of their experience in digital marketing, branding and social media, they plan to capture their adventures and track Finley’s travels as he grows up. It is important to the couple that they raise Fin with an open perspective of the world. To get up close with wildlife and nature, explore diverse cultures and experience some of the planets most beautiful destinations, to live and play along the way and be free to see the planet in all its glory.

4. How many countries has Finley travelled to?

Finley has visited nine countries so far along with his family and they are planning to enrich Finley’s childhood with as many adventures as possible as he grows up.

5. The family has these top three destinations on their list...

1. A safari experience in Africa

2. Brazil

3. Island hopping around the Caribbean

6. What are Finley’s travel plans for next six months?

For the next six months, the family and of course, Finley will be spending a month in Thailand, three months in New Zealand and the Pacific islands, a month in Australia and a month in Bali.

7. The family recommend these as their top 3 destinations...

Portugal is somewhere the couple lived for many years and they consider it their spiritual home. The southern coast of the Algarve is an idyllic family destination with family-friendly towns and resorts and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Sardinia is a chilled out island with glorious uncrowded beaches. There is an abundance of family villas, ranging from the reasonably priced to the uber luxurious. The family booked a simple beach house in Bados Beach, literally steps from the sand and made some lifelong memories playing endlessly on the empty beach and watching the sunrise each morning.

Whilst it’s not typically recognised as a family destination, Ibiza is their hot pick for a special family break. Avoiding the main party hotspots, the island has so much to offer families—a perfect combination of safe beach resorts sprinkled with that infectious Ibizan atmosphere.

8. Please share three of your favourite pictures taken during your journeys around the world and give caption to each...

This simple shot, sums up the six months we spent in Portugal. Finley would wake every day at around 5 am; so a daybreak walk was our way to attempt to rejuvenate! This is where Finley learned to crawl. It was a magical time of the day as the sun was rising over the water and not a soul around. We were exhausted new parents, but that fresh sea air was just what we all needed after a sleepless night.  This became our morning ritual and what better place to be by the ocean!       


What we really love about this shot, is that some of the most glorious destinations are right on your doorstep. This is Abersoch beach, and is under 3 hours drive from our house in the UK.  So many happy family memories are being made there as we like to go back at least once/twice per year.

The world is a beautiful place and we will show you as much as we can…

9. What is your top tip for families travelling?

Always try to travel light...master the art of minimalist packing. It makes the whole experience more enjoyable and you avoid feeling like a travelling family circus.

10. Your favourite travel quote...

We have nothing to lose... and a world to see.


Little Finley’s parents have always been travel aficionados and have been globetrotting around the world even before settling down and having Fin. While trying to give their best in a regular job, they felt that they were working hard at the expense of quality of life and give Finley the vast experience that comes with travel. So, along with their lovely toddler, they satisfy their insatiable appetite to see the world, in turn offering Fin a different ‘family experience’ and documenting it along the way, so Finley will always remember this special experience.