Sydney on the Fly

After a 9 hour flight from Bangkok, we arrived into Sydney, with a scheduled layover of 10 hours.  Crazy or inspired?  We weren’t sure to be honest, but we were excited to be able to sample Sydney, even just for a few hours.

9am was the perfect time to touch down.  Fin was fresh as s daisy after a solid 7 hours sleep on the flight. But we were a different story!  We felt like we’d just smashed a weekend long rave back in the 90’s!  

Thankfully, Sydney Airport is mega efficient and helped us feel well orientated, all things considered.  In no time at all, we were on a train heading to Circular Quay, right in the heart of downtown Sydney.  It was still only mid morning and we had the day ahead for exploring, so we just needed a gallon of coffee to give us a kick!

As soon as we stepped off the train, we were hit by a wave of familiarity.  It all came flooding back, so many memories from our last trip here nearly 10 years ago. Even the same Aborigine guy was in the same spot playing his didgeridoo, creating the unique atmosphere for hoards of tourists.

Fin was so excited to see the cruise ships in the harbour, he hardly noticed the Harbour Bridge!  We told him that Grandad Owl would be climbing that bridge in a couple of months time, and he couldn’t believe it!  We showed him the Opera House and he seemed to recognise it from books and TV programmes he had seen.  It was great to be back in this city, it’s the stuff of dreams really.

We needed to caffeinate sharpish, so we wandered around the Royal Botanical Gardens, while Fin explored.  Once we found a strong coffee we then adventured around while Fin climbed trees and discovered the local wildlife.

Mooching back towards the harbour, Fin fell asleep in his buggy, so we shared some calamari and chips on the harbour front.  Whilst sat there we watched the Manly Beach Fast Ferry speeding off.  Looking at the time, we had just the right amount of time left to be able to catch the next ferry for a round trip jaunt around the harbour.  YOLO! 

We didn’t even have chance to finish our lunch and we were on board.  Fin woke up just in time to realise that he was on a boat and we sat munching chips as we pulled into the harbour past the bridge.  It was quite a cloudy day, but the views were still pretty special.  

Back on shore, it was time to head back to the airport so we would have plenty of time to get back airside for our connecting flight to Auckland.

Jaded and in need of more coffee, next minute we bumped into a very good old school mate, who was en route back to our hometown.  How crazy to cross paths and have the chance to sit chatting about back home whilst in Sydney International Departures! And then, quick as that, we boarded the last leg of our flight to Auckland!