So Far So Good!

Thinking back to before we had set off, we were trying to imagine our time on the road as a family and how it might be.  It is fair to say, we were bracing ourselves a little! We were on the brink of sharing every waking moment together for the next 6 months, in very often-confined spaces!  Like any family, we of course have our highs and lows during the day and so we genuinely expected a little more turbulence than normal, given that we were pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone, as a tight knit unit!

Now looking back over the weeks we have spent in Thailand together, we’re happy (and relieved) to say that we have thrown that theory right out of the window.  It turns out (quite surprisingly) that things are way more harmonious than we had given ourselves credit for!  Finley is absolutely thriving; he is definitely at his happiest when he is close to us both.  He has a natural sense of adventure and seems to completely trust in us, no matter what crazy adventure we have in store for him next.  Yes, he still finds it tricky to listen to us ha ha, but this is all part of life with a 3 year old who is just trying to experiment with his boundaries, and generally trying to understand people, life and social situations.

As for us… well, when you strip away the every day stresses and trivia of normal life, and settle into the nomadic travelling life, you feel the tensions melt away.  We have never been closer as a family, literally!  Yet we feel more synergised than ever before.

Let’s face it, it’s pretty hard to get worked up when the biggest challenge of the day will be in deciding where to dine out for our lunch, or whether we should hit the pool or beach!  As parents, we are naturally much more relaxed and are far better able to help Fin with some of his ‘big emotions’ when they arise.

The reality of recent years, after 23 years together, it’s fair to say that parenting has felt like we’re in a pressure cooker at times.  Sleep depravation has been excruciating since Fin arrived and coupled with the intricate balance of working and raising a family, it has most definitely been a bit of a rollercoaster.

So now we’re on the road, with this incredible opportunity to show Fin the world, it’s evident that we have found our sweet spot as a family.  It is like a huge breath of fresh air for us all! Just the three of us, with our lives in backpacks and an open book of adventures.

We are pinching ourselves every day.  It is not lost on us, how lucky we are as a family to have this opportunity.  Watching Fin thrive and grow during this trip is golden.  Taking every day as it comes, feasting our senses with once in a lifetime experiences!

To be honest, this was a complete leap of faith, leaving our everyday lives to set sail and broaden Fin’s horizons felt a bit daunting and probably isn’t for the faint hearted.  But we knew that we had to carve out this chapter, to create lifelong memories together on the trip of our lives.

Being able to spend this precious time together is time we will never get again.   We only have this one life, so we are determined to make the absolute most of it which means taking more chances and living outside of our ordinary existences (without sounding too parmesan!).

Besides, we’ll no doubt blink and then Fin will be a teenager and he’ll be way too cool for his folks!  So we are going to selfishly make the most of this glorious stage in our lives with our little boy, whilst we are the centre of his universe.

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