Our New Adventure Bus!

Realising that the NZ leg of our trip was going to be expensive, we made the decision back in Thailand to splash out on our own campervan.  It was a bit daunting as we bought the van before we even arrived in the country! But it was a savvy purchase as we were looking at around $300 (£150) per day for a campervan rental with it being high peak season.

It was all a bit ironic to be honest, as we had recently sold our VW T5 Transporter campervan conversion back in the UK to fund this big adventure!  So we made the natural choice of a VW Campervan to explore New Zealand.

We knew had to lower our expectations, as even with the money we had forked out (it definitely wasn’t back pocket change!), it still wasn’t going to buy us a huge amount of van out here. The campervan market thrives in NZ, and even the most beaten-up rust bucket with half a million kilometres on the clock can fetch an eye-watering price.  So we had to be realistic… our van would inevitably be a bit of a rough diamond and undoubtedly ‘rustic’.

We weren’t wrong!  When we arrived, we had to look past the muck and must, and the boys immediately started to spruce it up.  It needed a good clean, and as John assessed things, we realised that most of it’s campervan functions – well, didn’t really function!  It was void of working lighting, needed a serious facelift and we set to work on it’s transformation.

In little over 2 days, and a lot of graft, the boys had fitted the van out with a new flooring, they had repaired the tatty upholstery, fixed up the one light and installed the rest of the van with fairy lights and additional spotlights.

Fin had his very own den upstairs, complete with his own little stairs! It was starting to feel like ‘ours’ and we were excited to take it out on its maiden voyage.

Before we could take it out, we had some final mechanical issues to fix up and then we were on our way to Takapuna, a beach town across the bridge and slightly north of Auckland.  It was time to road test this bad boy!

Jen Skehan