Bangkok Hop

After a short flight hop from Krabi, we arrived in Bangkok for little over 24 hours.  

This trip is entirely centred around Fin, and whilst Bangkok is a fascinating place, with lots of things to explore, we decided that we would make our stop here a brief one. Bangkok is intense, air pollution can be stifling and we know that Fin prefers to run around freely, so 24 hours would do just nicely, so we could see the city from above, literally!

We pushed the boat out and stayed at the 5* Anantara Sathorn Hotel, as a little treat.  The added bonus of this place was that it had a spectacular roof top bar so we could soak up the city for one night only, overlooking the skyline and the stars above.

We hadn’t been in a big city for a while, certainly not on this scale and Fin was pointing and shouting “Skyscraper!” every few seconds.  We arrived at our hotel and started to explore the complex, which was enormous in comparison to the little beach resorts that we had become so familiar with.

Fin splashed in the pool and jacuzzi and we spent time chilling out in our palatial one bedroom suite with panoramic views of the city below.

As the sun was setting, we headed up to the 40th Floor for our table reservation, which was an added treat to celebrate John’s birthday. Some light rain nearly spoilt our fun with a delayed opening of the terrace.  But soon enough, we were sipping our drinks overlooking the beautiful skyline and a million city lights of Bangkok.

Fin has never seen anything like it in his life, and to be honest, neither had we! It was our way of checking out the best Bangkok had to offer, without immersing ourselves into the nitty gritty of the streets below.

What an incredible experience, to round off our last night in Thailand. It has been the most wonderful month, making memories as a family and seeing this enchanting country in a different light.  Travelling with Fin has definitely given us a completely new flavour of Thailand, and one we will never forget.

Bangkok sky bar