Laidback Beachlife - Krabi, Thailand

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beach football

This place was going to take a bit of getting used to.  It was absolutely beautiful, but we were really in the middle of nowhere!  A deserted beach with hammocks overlooking the gorgeous bay scattered with islands - this was the part where we were supposed to ‘chill’.  

We checked into our quaint bungalow and then tucked into some lunch. The reviews were right; the food here was out of this world!  

Our days were starting to establish a natural rhythm… this pretty much sums up a typical day…

  • Wake up bright and early

  • Breakfast

  • Sightseeing / beach time

  • Lunch

  • Afternoon nap

  • Exploring / swimming

  • Dinnertime

  • Back to our room after dark for -

    • writing, colouring, drawing for Fin

    • researching onward destinations for us

  • followed by reading and story-time before bed

(We make up stories that always start off creative and interesting, and then often descend into comedy - tales about trumping and such, which of course leads to family hysterics! Blame the boys!). 

The next morning, we wanted to explore the local area, so we went on a hike down the coastline and stumbled across a beautiful wide stretch of beach, we weren’t so remote after all!  Fin was racing around, with endless energy, even in the sweltering heat and humidity! There was a lot more life around here and we stopped for a drink at a hip little beach bar.  It had toys and diggers on the sand, so we had one very happy and content little boy.

Back at the bungalow resort, Fin had made some lovely friends, some local Thai boys.  They didn’t need to understand each other’s language, they just played and laughed at each other, making funny digger noises and building sand castles. It was lovely to watch!

We would walk along the beach, have a game of football and paddle in the sea and then at mealtime, we would tuck into some delicious home cooked Thai food.

I guess we were mastering the art of not doing very much, even if it was taking a bit of getting used to!  

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beach play
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