Jungle Times - Krabi, Thailand

jungle hideaway
beach race

After leaving our beach hideaway, we made a quick overnight stop, en route to our next destination… that was deep within a jungle setting.

The hotel we had chosen looked like it would give us an entirely different experience.  We wanted to immerse ourselves in this adventure, and had got used to living outside of our comfort zone now!

That said, I think we were a little nervous.  Fin, on the other hand, enjoyed a different perspective.  He just raced around the minute we arrived and started counting the peacocks and chickens in the gardens.  We found funny little creatures in the trees, which we named ‘Sqrunkleys’ as they looked like a cross between a squirrel and a monkey!

Arriving early, we had some lunch in a treehouse restaurant before we could check in to our room.  It was all seriously rustic, and teeming with wildlife.  So deep down, John and I were thinking, uh-oh, we are going to be sharing our bedroom with a whole bunch of jungle creepy crawlies at night!

We were led down a pathway through the jungle, and shown to our room.  We could not have been more wrong.  This place was amazing!  The room was huge! Spotlessly clean, with the biggest beds we had seen so far in Thailand, and (most importantly) there were no gaps in doors / windows for bugs to invite themselves in.  We were made up.  Fin was jumping around on the beds, and we started to absorb our surroundings.  The room had so many windows, all looking out onto the dense jungle and up to the cliffs above.  It was an incredible setting.  Now we really did feel like adventurers!

There was a stunning lagoon style pool, which was a big draw for us (swimming and cooling off, was becoming one of our priorities when looking for places to stay).  The pool was nestled into the base of the colossal jungle cliffs that scaled high above the pool.  It didn’t even feel real to be honest!

Finley loved the resident peacocks that would just be wandering round, or sat on mopeds (as you do) and just generally waltzing around like they owned the place!  We were told there were monkeys too, and we often went on the jungle trail, trying to spot some.  

Everything about this place was awesome.  Spending 3 nights in this environment was an experience for us all, and I’m sure we will never forget this place!

jungle house
jungle house 2
beach adventure