Time to Fly!


So all the final preparations had come together and we were ready to set off on the biggest family adventure of our lives!

It felt like a long time coming… packing up our lives, moving out of our home, and then gearing up for departure.  

And just like that, all of a sudden, there we were, waking up on the morning of our flight.

Full of excitement, Fin seemed to naturally know the drill.  I guess this was quite normal for him; it was after all his 17th flight since birth.  But only we knew the true gravity and scale of this particular trip.

Crazy or inspired? We are still undecided!  It is definitely a huge leap of faith for all of us, but the time has come for us to see the world together as a family, 6 whole months of exploration, so bring it on!

Waking up an hour before our alarm, we sat having breakfast as if a normal day was going to unfold.  But once the taxi arrived, that was it, we were setting sail! 

Bright and early, we arrived at Manchester Airport and Fin skipped through to the departure gate raring to go. 

Boarding the Emirates A380 aircraft was an experience in itself, it was pure luxury and we had so much space!  We were like giddy kids and settled in to get ready for take off.

Not long into the flight, Fin enjoyed a good little sleep after some breakfast and we made light work of the first six hour flight to Dubai.  The three hour layover in Dubai flew by and then we were back in the air again on the overnight flight to Phuket.  

Flight Tip: We invested in a gadget that extends the flight seat (a bit like an oversized inflatable foot rest - the same height as a regular flight seat) and it turned out to be some of the best few quid we have ever spent!  After take off, we set this up and… boom! Fin had a perfect mini flat bed, complete with memory foam pillow and a decent little space to stretch out.  He packed in a good 6.5 hours quality sleep (on a 7.5 hour flight), which was dreamy, for him …and for us!  We woke him up, just as we were about to land in Phuket.  He was well rested and in really high spirits and we were finally at our destination.

So after almost 24 hours of travelling, 2 long haul connecting flights covering almost 10,000 kilometres, we had arrived! 

If you have an upcoming long haul flight, we highly recommend making the investment of an inflatable seat extender. They are perfect for smaller children to aide a sound sleep for long flights. Simply search for ‘Plane Pal’ on Amazon, compare a few options and away you go!