Adventure Awaits - Phuket, Thailand


This was Fin’s first time in Thailand, however it was very much familiar territory for us, as we had holidayed and backpacked around the country in our twenties.  Our first visit was in 2001, and then we spent a good month exploring as part of our world trip in 2010.  We have definitely seen it change over the years and for some parts, the rapid rise of tourism has certainly impacted the natural beauty of the place (and not always in a good way).  

Our flight was routed to Phuket so we decided to base ourselves there for the first few days.

Knowing Phuket well, we wanted to really avoid all the commercial zones, and researched areas that were undiscovered, untouched and far removed from the tourist trail.


We discovered the quiet resort of Nai Yang, only a few km’s from the airport, which had all the ingredients we were looking for. It didn't disappoint, we had stumbled on perhaps one of the most beautiful parts of Phuket and it blew our expectations out of the water!

It was a decent choice to base ourselves here for a few nights, to settle into things and shake off any jet lag.


Once we checked in, the first job of the day was to jump straight into the tropical pool to cool off.  After a long day travelling, it felt like we had arrived in utopia!  Fin was in his element, splashing around and practising his swimming.  This pool was just what we needed and it was absolutely beautiful.  We had arrived, and it felt so good!

The hotel was pretty much frontline to the bay, with a mangrove creek and towering native trees separating us from the beach. So this added a fun element to things when we ventured out to the seafront.  Our commute involved crossing the creek on a home-made rickety raft.  A local Thai man would pull us to the banks with a rope. Fin absolutely loved it, you could see in his face he was thriving from the sense of adventure.  Once on the other side, he would be the ‘leader’ as we walked the few metres through the national park until we reached the long sweeping bay.


Our first days in Thailand consisted of endless hours of fun in the pool to escape the sweltering humidity.  Exploring the local area and national park and enjoyed long walks along the beach.  

Whilst Nai Yang was described as ‘quiet’ - it was perfect for us, as there were a good range of beachfront restaurants and a handful of shops for everything we needed.

To round off each day, we would dine at a beachfront restaurant, watching Fin run and play in the sand under a setting sun, whilst an electrical storm brewed out to sea.  The perfect start to our adventure!